As partners and professionals of CPA SERVICES S.R.L. we provide consultancy services in the field of economic sciences, aiming at offering corporate innovative and flexible solutions.

Our professional services aim at exceeding customers’ expectations by rendering a comprehensive outsourced consultancy service that put at customer’s disposal qualified processes, technologies and human resources in the fields of our professional expertise.

Due to the business dynamic our customers have to deal with today, we render our services duly in advance for proper decision-making and planning and timely compliance of applicable legal provisions, which are constantly changing.

Our distinctive features involve rendering services in a professional, customized, friendly and ethic fashion.


  • Outsourcedaccountingservices enable our customers to delegate us such tasks as registrations, reconciliationsand issuance of monthly and annual audit reports.

    Tasks are performed by expert professionals specially trained in each relevant field who use state-of-the-art online technologies available for management software. We may render our services at our offices or in-company.

    Companies may then focus on strategic issues of their businesses reducing costs and optimizing administration work, being able to have at their disposal timely and proper management information for decision-making.

  • Advice on tax return estimation for legal entities.

  • Advice on tax return estimation for individuals.

  • Advice on tax estimation for new businesses.

  • Tax planning.

  • Tax audit.

  • Exports VAT Credit refund.

  • Advice on how to answer requests and payment demands.

  • Advice on how to answer administrative investigations.

  • Preparation of administrative recourses for review of fines, establishment closings and other penalties.

  • Advice on how to answer notices in exofficio procedures.

  • Advice on issues involving Argentina’s Tax Criminal Law.

  • Preparation of review recourses to be submitted to A.F.I.P. (Federal Revenue Agency of Argentina)

  • Defense in actions brought before the Administrative Tax Court of Argentina.

  • Defense in actions brought before Tax Criminal trial courts of the City of Buenos Aires in proceedings involving fines and establishment closings orders.

  • Management of tax agencies audits.

  • Advice and performance as experts for the defense.

  • Advice on how to prevent Asset Laundering andTerrorismFinancing according to applicable provisions to each taxable person.

  • Design and implementation of control and prevention procedures.

  • Advice on how to know your client and their risk matrix.

  • Advice on how to prepare procedure manuals.

  • Involved staff training.

  • Regular audit carrying out to verify effective compliance of procedures and politics aimed at preventing Asset Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

  • Advice on which business structure to choose pursuant to Argentinean law, recommending the most the most suitable for each business venture.

  • Business structure creation and incorporation or registration with the Registro Público de Comercio (Public Commercial Registry of Argentina).

  • Amendment of by-laws or articles of association.

  • Advice on special issues.

  • Mergers, consolidations, spin-offs and dissolutions: accounting and fiscal paperwork preparation and processing for applicable legal provisions compliance.

  • Changes in corporate management, registered office, etc., as well as issuance of the related special report by a Certified Accountant.

  • Business structure deregistration.

  • Advice on how to restructure and give professional status to the business and how to plan business inheritance.

  • Advice on how to prepare family protocols.

  • Advice on work procedures and routines.

  • Payroll settlement and comprehensive advice on labor law.

  • Labor – Social security audits.

  • Candidates search and assessment.

  • Preparation of confidential payrolls.

  • Preparation of Social Security and annual information returns.

  • Management of employment contract termination.

  • Back taxes settlement to be included in Social Security amnesties and regularizations.

  • Management of controlling agencies audits.

  • Audits and issuance of certificates for reimburse requests on family allowances.

  • Preparation of certificate of services rendered.

  • Economic feasibility study.

  • Business profit analysis.

  • Economic and financial budgets.

  • Cost – management control.

  • Issuance of management reports fitting customers’ needs.

  • Administration outsourcing.

  • Organizational restructuring.

  • Information gathering on corporate administrative systems.

  • Internal audits design, assessment and implementation.

  • Administrative system design.

  • Implementation of flexible and reliable systems.

  • Necessary files and system supplementation.

  • Staff training in the use of the implemented systems.



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